Heavy Duty Wire-Wound Heater Blower Motor Voltage Reducer


Allows the original 6-volt heater blower motor and control switch to be used when electrical system is upgraded to 12-volts. Safer and much more reliable than the less expensive ceramic type voltage reducers.


$18.00 each

Part #02415HR


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Heavy Duty Headlight Relays


Available for both 6 and 12-volt applications. Installing a headlight relay will provide up to 30 percent brighter headlights and a 50 percent longer service life for the original headlight switch.


$27.00 each

6 Volt Relay #03415HL6


$22.00 each

12 Volt Relay #03415HL12


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Solid State Generator Cutout

Direct replacement for all 6/12-volt 35-amp and smaller generators that originally had a mechanical, cutout type voltage regulator. No mechanical points to adjust or wear out. No more battery drain. Greatly improves charging system reliability.


$45.00 each

Part #02415SSC

Regulated 12-volt Negative Ground Power Inverter

$99.00 each

Part #02415PI


Allows you to run modern solidstate accessories from you 6-volt alternator charging system. Great for recharging a cell phone, and providing power to modern solidstate accessories. Five-amp constant regulated output. Use with negative ground accessories only.

"DA" Plugs

$18.00 each


For adapting alternator to original wiring harness and will work with both 6 and 12 volt applications.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Runtz Voltage Drops

$18.00 each

Part #95415G


For dash gauges—one required per electrical gauge.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Improved Design Ford Model T Ignition Coil

$110.00 each

Part #10415TC


This ignition coil works very well on Fairmont 2-cycle motorcar engines...as well as all types of antique engines, including the Model T Ford. It is USA made and built in a durable plastic case and is epoxy sealed to prevent damage from moisture and vibration. Clip type connections prevent loose wiring connections. Works with 6 or 12 volt applications and comes ready to use. These are the famous grain dryer coils we have been selling to Behlen Manufacturing for many years.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE


Internal Resisted Coil

$80.00 each

6-volt - Part #954156C


12-volt - Part #9541512C


Increase the reliability of your ignition system while liminating the external ballast resistor, a known trouble spot. Will replace all 6/12 volt external mounted ignition coils. Will also work with electronic ignition conversion.


Ford Coil Adapter

$55.00 each

1933-1936 3-screw V8 distributors - Part #02415ECA


1937-1941 2-screw V8 distributors - Part #02415LCA


Allows the use of a modern 6 or 12-volt Internal resisted ignition coil with early front mount Ford/Mercury V8 distributors. Gets the coil up away from engine heat and radiator coolant overflow for increased reliability of the ignition system.

HD Power Block

$46.00 each

Part #13415FPB


This HD Power Block has six individual separate circuits available. Each circuit has a 30 amp max rating. The Power Block has a 65- amp total max rating. The red battery cable is (22”) in length. This Power Block works well when adding a modern stereo, Ipod, GPS, or cell phone charging power source to an antique vehicle’s electrical system. By connecting this power block directly to the battery your accessories will be protected from voltage spikes and power surges.


This is the proper way to power and protect modern solid-state accessories. Quality brass terminals, 65-amp total capacity, with 30-amp max per circuit. Uses ATO/ATC fuses. -- Comes with 22" long 8-gauge battery input wire, and dust/moisture cover.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Remote Battery Stud

$22.00 each

Red - Part #03415RBSR


Black - Part #03415RBSB


This remote battery stud will allow you to establish a remote battery or ground connection at almost any location. When adding multiple accessories and especially any solid-state accessories it is good idea to ground those accessories direct to the battery. Because most antique vehicles are more than forty years old, the accumulation of dirt, oil, grease, and rust makes it difficult to establish a good ground thru the body or frame. This Remote Battery Stud is rated at 200 amps.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

HELP! My Car Won't Start When It's Hot!

$15.00 post paid


Each of us has owned, or knows of someone who has owned an antique vehicle, muscle car, or hot rod that refuses to start when the engine is warm. To make this more aggravating, the vehicle seems to start fine when the engine is cold. In this book Randy will help you to identify and fix your hot start problem once and for all.  68 pages with color illustrations throughout. $15.00 each.


Color throughout. Call 785-632-3450 to order your copy today.

Bluetooth For Your Antique Vehicle And Daily Driver

Bluetooth Adapter Kit Comes Complete With Extension Cable.

This adapter is designed for all 12-volt applications with a 12-volt cigarette power supply. It will play music stored on a smart phone or from a music app such as SiriusXM Radio thru your non Bluetooth equipped in-dash radio. A small cable attached to the adapter connects to your radio "Aux" port. You will also be able to send and receive hands-free telephone calls with the voices coming thru your in-dash radio. Once a phone call is complete the adapter will automatically switch back to the music mode.


USB Port For Cell Phone Recharging Is Included

The adapter has a USB port included so you can recharge your cell phone while you are listening to music. Also included is an extension cable in case the Aux input of your radio is difficult to reach. Once your cell phone is paired to the adapter the whole system is portable so you can move it between one vehicle and another. You can pair up to five cell phones to this device. Complete, simple to understand instructions are included.

Aux Extension Cable Is Also Included.

This extension cable allows you to add a permanent remote Aux input connection. If you own a touring motorcycle like a Honda Gold Wing or Harley Davidson, this extension cable  will make the Bluetooth adapter very easy to install. This cable moves any Aux input to a more convenient location. This cable is included at no extra charge.


Part Number 17415BTA.   $65.00 each

Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy designed and built the first 6-volt alternator in 1987. Up to that point there was no such thing as a 6-volt alternator, only modern 12-volt alternators were available.