Borg-Warner Overdrive Parts

New Reproduction Borg Warner Overdrive Solenoids

We now have available brand new exact reproductions of the original Borg Warner overdrive solenoids. These are available for both 6-volt and 12-volt applications. This is the same solenoid used by all eleven different car companies that offered the Borg Warner electric overdrive as an option from 1940 thru 1973. No core is required. These will fit standard Borg Warner overdrive applications… those with a shaft length of one inch measured from the tip of the shaft to the edge of the alignment flange. (lay your ruler on top of the shaft and measure from the ball end to the edge of the casting.) All standard overdrive-solenoids will measure one inch. Station Wagons and convertibles will measure 1.5 inches and a few odd applications 2.0 inches or longer. This solenoid fits the STANDARD one inch applications only. Please check you shaft length before ordering.


$385.00 each

6-volt Solenoid - Part #08415 ODSL6

12-volt Solenoid - Part #08415ODSL12


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE


How Come A New Overdrive Solenoid Costs So Much…? 


The cost to reproduce the new overdrive solenoids required an up front investment of $50,000 in professional engineering and manufacturing services. 


You have to divide that cost over the number of solenoids manufactured along with the actual cost of manufacturing. We need to recover our expenses and make a small profit to keep the electricity on and pay the telephone bill. Rest assured reproducing the overdrive solenoids is NOT a money maker… it is a labor of love. 


Your transmission will not work without one and with all of the originals at least fifty years old, and no new replacement parts available, somebody had to do it. 

Kickdown Switch


This is an exact replacement for the original Borg-Warner overdrive kickdown switch that is located under the gas pedal. This HD switch will work with both 6-volt and 12-volt applications.


$48.00 each

Part #05415KDS


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

New Reproduction Borg Warner Overdrive Relay

$130.00 each

6-volt Relay - Part #08415ODR6


12-volt Relay - Part #08415ODR12


Now available an exact reproduction of the original Borg Warner overdrive relay. This is an exact reproduction of the overdrive relay used by all eleven of the car companies that offered the Borg Warner electric overdrive as an option from the late 1930 thru the early 1960’s.. Complete wiring instructions included.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE


Replacement "Overdrive" Manual Dash Control Cable

$65.00 each

Part #09415ODC


We now have available replacement overdrive manual control cable assemblies complete with the correct chrome handle and hardware. These are an exact reproduction of the overdrive cable assemblies used by all eleven of the car companies that offered the Borg-Warner overdrive transmission as an option. Overall length of the cable and housing is seventy-six inches as measured from the shoulder of the threaded fitting to the end of the cable housing. There is an additional four inches of cable that extends past the housing for a total overall length of eighty inches. These are a cut to fit cable with a crimping tool included just like the originals.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Overdrive Solenoid Oil Seal

$7.00 each

Part #074150S


This seal goes into the overdrive transmission housing where the solenoid mounts to the transmission (and the solenoid shaft passes thru the transmission housing) and connects to the shift pawl. If this oil seal becomes damaged from age or rough removal of the solenoid, transmission oil from the transmission will leak into the overdrive solenoid housing, causing the solenoid to fail. This seal should be checked for damage every time the solenoid is removed for service and replaced if damaged.

Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmission Gear Oil

$30.00 gallon

($20.00 per gallon shipping)


Part #09415GL - 1


This is the proper mineral based gear oil for use in all of the Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmissions built from 1940 on. Do not use "Hypoid" gear oil, any oil with an API rating of GL-2 or higher. Also do not use combination hydraulic/transmission tractor oil or any EP rated oils. Do not use any synthetic gear oils. Use only API rated GL-1 oil. The sulfur and related additives in modern lubricants will destroy the bronze parts inside of the Borg-Warner overdrive. Most all Borg-Warner manual overdrive transmissions require four pints of lubricant.

Borg-Warner Guide Book

$15.00 each


This (8.5 x 11) 40 page illustrated guide explains everything you need to know about operating and troubleshooting the Borg-Warner "R" series overdrive transmission. If your car is equipped with a Borg-Warner overdrive transmission this is a must have book. Includes factory service information, interchange guide and illustrated wiring diagrams.

Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy designed and built the first 6-volt alternator in 1987. Up to that point there was no such thing as a 6-volt alternator, only modern 12-volt alternators were available.