Our Alternators

Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts located in Clay Center, Kansas originally introduced their 6-volt alternator in 1987. Since that time it has proven to be reliable in a number of different applications, including the Great American Race.


Fifth Avenue's 6-volt alternator has an output of (60) amps, (7.5) volts, which is 60% greater than the original equipment style generator systems. In addition, the alternator has a solid state regulator built inside of the alternator. Owners of this new 6-Volt Alternator report easier starting, brighter headlights, and the end of dead batteries.


What's the big advantage of this new 6-Volt Alternator over a generator system?
What if my vehicle system is positive ground?
What about the width of the drive belt pulleys?
What about mounting the alternator?
Do any changes have to be made to the wiring harness?
What about the quality of Fifth Avenue's alternators?
Does the new 6-Volt Alternator carry a guarantee?
How is a Fifth Avenue Alternator different from one I can buy locally?
What about 12-Volt applications?
How do I decide...6 volts or 12-volts?
Can I keep and use my original dash gauges if I upgrade to 12-volts?
What about some of the accessories shown for the 6-Volt Alternator—will they fit the 90 Series Alternators also?
What if I already have an alternator for my application—can I purchase a "DA" plug separately?
What about service and technical support?

Fifth Avenue Facts

Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts has spent the last 20 years solving the electrical, cooling, and fuel related problems associated with antique, classic, and special interest vehicles. You are invited to take advantage of their vast knowledge and "hands-on" experience.