Tag Toppers

Fifth Avenue Tag Toppers are available to fit above the license plate ("uppers") or on the bottom of the license plate ("downers").  They are five color UV protected ink (same as an interstate road sign) and are USA made by a company that has been making tag toppers since 1946. Order yours today!

Fifth Avenue Tag Topper            $20.00 each, postage paid.


(Specify "upper" or "downer" design)


Fifth Avenue Drive Safely Decals

$1.00 each.

Part #2011

Shipping is free on all decals.


Who says you can’t buy anything for a buck these days...? Well...a dollar still buys one of our famous Fifth Avenue “Drive Safely” five color decals. They are great for toolboxes and garage walls, but they look best proudly displayed on your antique vehicle.


Fifth Avenue Facts

37 MPG is the speed at which bugs begin sticking to the windshield instead of glancing off.