Great Race 2011

Fifth Avenue sponsored 1911 Velie wins 2011 Great Race…
Fifth Avenue
Sponsors Great Race
Winning Car!

The 2011 Hemmings Motor News Great Race was a big success, with over 70 vintage cars entered, with some of the best rally racers in the United States! The Grand Champion award is the most prestigious in the rallying realm, and this year, it was awarded to Howard and Douglas Sharp driving a 1911 Velie Racetype. That’s right, the 100 year old car sponsored by Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts won the Great Race! The Sharps have been rallying for over 25 years and Fifth Avenue has been sponsoring Howard and his car since 1990. It is one thing to say you can make an antique car reliable …it's another to actually go and do it.


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Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy designed and built the first 6-volt alternator in 1987. Up to that point there was no such thing as a 6-volt alternator, only modern 12-volt alternators were available.