Starring… Jeremy Irons, Dominique Swain, Melanie Griffith, Frank Langella, Suzanne Shepherd.

About The Movie -

This was a classic remake of the 1962 film.


The Fifth Avenue Connection -

Lolita For this movie they were using two restored 1940 Ford Woody station wagons for filming. There was also a partial 1940 Ford body pulled around on a car trailer that was used for many of the static interior driving shots. Much of the early filming was done in the southwest part of the United States. Because of the climate, location, and the amount of time the cars spent idling during a scene, it caused the Flathead Ford engines to overheat. In addition, the batteries in both cars were completely discharged by noon each day.


The director called Randy after receiving referral from the transportation director over at Columbia Pictures. When the director called Randy, he was two days behind schedule mostly from mechanical delays associated with the two Ford Woody Station Wagons. Randy sent the director two 6-volt alternators along with two of his 6 volt electric radiator cooling fans and suggested a couple of cooling system modifications that would put the two 1940 Fords back in business.


Just over two weeks later the director called Randy back to offer his thanks. The Fifth Avenue, 6-volt alternators and his radiator cooling fans along with the rest of Randy's suggested cooling system upgrades, had worked perfectly. Filming was now ahead of schedule, and would finish three days early.


Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy has sponsored teams for The Great Race-- a national vintage car rally race for street legal vintage cars. Beginning June 24th and ending 14 days later on July 8th, it will run approximately 4,100 miles across the United States, beginning in Philadelphia, Pa., and ending in San Rafael, Calif.