Customer Testimonials

If you have read some of the entries in the testimonial page and thought… "my testimonial and a picture of my antique vehicle should be on there too…" well … now it can be. Email a picture of your antique vehicle along with your testimonial to and put "testimonial" in the subject line and we will add your entry to the testimonials page.

It really makes our day when a satisfied customer takes the time to drop us a note to say "thank you" for a job well done. Here are a few...

Overdrive Manual

"Thanks for sending me the relay, oil seal, and kick down switch for my overdrive. I would not think about tackling the overdrive unit on my 1950 flathead without reading your Overdrive Book first. You made everything simple and easy to understand."

--Tom Bruno

"Finally a book that explains how a vintage cooling system works in language the average guy can understand. If you have a Flathead Ford or Mercury this is a must have book. The tech tips and how-to information will help you easily identify and solve most any cooling system problem. I solved my overheating problems with what I learned from this book. It is well worth the fifteen bucks, you will get your money's worth.

--B. Thomas

McGraw TestimonialRandy...the books I bought on “Gas-Oil” and “Hot Start” are priceless and have saved me a lot of headaches...I converted my entire ignition to copper ( most particularly the dist cap ) & the performance improvement is unbelievable in a 66 yr old stock flathead v8. Also, switched oil brands, added zddp and the engine is so quiet its hard to tell at a distance if its running its so quiet.

You did a great service to the antique car crowd and I can't say enough to compliment you on the value of these books. My Rundle library is among the most valuable tools in my shop. Well done are the man ! Buddy

James McGraw
Friendswood, Texas

Reference: The Official Guide To Modern Gasoline & Oil for Antique Vehicles and HELP! My Car Won't Start When It's Hot! can be found on the Parts/Technical Publications page.

William Storey


I have included pictures of my 1928 Model A Boattail Speedster. It has your 6-volt alternator and electric fuel pump that I installed back in 2000. Everything is still working great after 17 years!

West Bend Wisconsin


 Speedster Speedster

Jim Waltz

Hi Randy.

I installed the new alternator and electric fuel pump I purchased from you and my car is working PERFECTLY!!!  After many years of frustration, and costly mechanics advice, your advice and parts really saved the day!!!   I finally have a dependable car my wife will ride in. Thanks so very much from the little black bird and her 2 happy, happy owners!   You will be recommended to all!!!...

Jim Waltz and Co.


Joe Walz Thunderbird

Phil Thibault

May 2015

Dear Randy…

I have a 1950 Dodge up in Maine.  It is now at Portland Auto Radiator where they are installing your alternator conversion and electric fuel pump.   Lots of questions--but I've printed out your materials and Paul Jacobson does nothing but praise you guys for your kind and thoughtful answers to his questions.   It was started for the first time today and seems to run well--I hope to pick it up tomorrow and do some serious night driving.


The 6-volt alternator and electric fuel pump, are in and the car is driving like NEW.  I am not kidding you when I say it is like night and day.  Finally, I have enough fuel flow to overcome the vapor lock and enough electrical power to have bright headlights in my 1950 Dodge (you sent parts to Portland Auto Radiator in Portland Me. and gave much free advice to the mechanic). I cant thank you enough!

Jeff Cooney

Last week, I ordered one of your Model T Ford style ignition coils for my Fairmont railroad motorcar.  I received the coil yesterday and installed it on the car.  I have had coil issues for quite a while now and tried two different Pontiac coils. With either coil the motorcar would run fine for a while and then when the engine got warm it would die and was hard to restart and had no power.  With your coil, the motorcar started on first crank without even priming the engine, It has ran perfect every since and seems to have more power than before.  Just wanted to say thank you—I am very pleased!!


Jeff Cooney
Vice President of Safety
Lone Star Transportation, LLC
1808 Moss Lake Road
Gainesville, TX  76240


Duane Miller

Eldridge, Iowa

Dear Fifth Avenue

I have been fighting a hard starting 1953 Studebaker Commander for several years. I got to the point that I was thinking of pulling the starter and taking it to yet another re-builder. My battery voltage would drop from 6.62 volts to 4.7 while attempting to crank over the 232 cubic inch engine. Then I got the idea to contact Studebaker Drivers Club member (and TURNING WHEELS contributor) Randy Rundle.

 Randy verified that I had #1 size cables (as recommended in his book) and then suggested that I move my battery ground cable from the water pump housing (where Studebaker placed it 63 years ago) over to one of the starter mounting bolts. I had some doubt that the fix could be so simple but was willing to try anything at this point. I couldn’t believe it! The little 232 fired right up at first crank. I was truly amazed!! It’s finally fixed after all of these years! Randy really came through for me!

Joe Ryan

Here's a picture of my 54 Vette. I've owned the car for 20 years, and just did a full frame off resto (myself) 2 years ago. It's an NCRS "Top Flight" car. It's a much more dependable car now with your 6-volt alternator.

Thanks again!

Joe Ryan's 54 Corvette

Chuck Elderton

The Powell Registry

San Jose, CA

Hi Randy:

I purchased the B-W relay, kick-down switch, and seal from you about a year ago.  Oh yeah, I also bought the Overdrive Manual…without it; trouble shooting my wiring would have been a real nightmare.  At one point I had the #4 and #6 solenoid wires swapped.  I finally have the truck back on the road. The parts that you supplied work perfect and my Powell has an Overdrive that works, and works well, for the first time ever. Thanks for your tech advice and thanks again for the quality parts.


Steve Wilke

Hi Randy

About four years ago I purchased one of your 6-volt alternators. I finally got around to installing it on my 1953 Studebaker Starlight Coupe today (5/28/11). OH MY GOD!!! What an incredable difference it has made!!


My headlights don't dim at idle...I can run the defroster, climitizer heater and wipers at the same time? The original Philco S-5323(AC-2301) radio is clear and loud! Even the BORG electrically wound clock is more accurate? And-maybe-people will see my rear turn signals now, there so bright! Also, the cigar lighter is now a 3 second Flame Thrower!! As you can tell, I'm more than satisfied and can't THANK YOU ENOUGH


Ron Bernier

Hey Randy,

I just finished installing the 6-volt alternator that I purchased from you. It works great. Easy starting, charges at all rpms and really bright lights. I have a 55 Chevy Pickup and this 37 Plymouth and attend cruise nights and car shows regularly. I am sure that I'll get a lot of questions from people at the events about this charging system, and I'll be sure to pass your web site info to them. I also write a Tech Tips article for the Frankfort Car Club newsletter and I'll be sure to write an article about my experience with your product. You gave my Plymouth new life.


 Bob Fortner


The 6-volt alternator and the Optima battery are the two best up-dates to my 50 Chevy 3100 ever. It is now a joy to drive. Thanks for your help.



Charles Callis

Hi Randy

I want to congratulate you and tell you that I have greatly, enjoyed the book you prepared regarding the 'Tech Tips Shop and Kinks'. I have been unable to put the book aside, and have read from it every day. To be honest… I was a little doubtful that I could learn enough to get my ten dollars worth. My doubt was gone within the first ten pages and your book is hands down the best ten dollars I ever spent! I would recommend it to anyone.


Dave Kelly

Kenosha, WI


Thank you so much for the extremely fast turn around on the alternator pulley exchange. I was shocked to see it arrive at my home so quickly. And thank you also, for supplying the correct retaining nut. (I thought it might be different so I enclosed the original) I won't hesitate to tell anyone that Fifth Avenue’s customer service is second to none!


Mike Shaner

Dear Randy,

I ordered your booklet “The Official 12-Volt Conversion Guide” from Speedway Motors thinking to myself how much can I really get out of this book anyway…?

Much to my surprise your book has helped solve several problems that me and some of my buddies were having, each problem different from the others.

I am herby ordering four more copies to give as gifts. Your book was one of the best investments i ever made. Thank You for sharing your knowledge.


Doniphan Mo.


Las Vegas, NV

Hi Randy

Today I heard from my Brother-in-law, who owns the '63 Chevrolet Impala (bought new in '63) and with the overdrive not working. I was informed that after a short conversation with you talking to his mechanic, everything is working great!

Your Expertise, Knowledge, Personalty, and HONESTY is to be COMMENDED.





Pat Szuch

Calgary Ab., Canada

This is just a short note to say that your shipping is quicker than I expected. You took my order on May 1, and I got it today, I ordered a book from a Seattle company who are all about cars and it took from April 24 until today to arrive and that was at 19.95 shipping and was to be by air. Makes you people look good.



Henry Kaldenbaugh


After reading your tech article in the Oct. 2016 Early Ford V-8 club newsletter I ordered one of your gear driven electric fuel pumps for my ’35 Ford Phaeton. I was using a Holley diaphragm fuel pump that reminded me of its presence every minute I drove the car. The gentle hum of your gear driven pump is a joy and the frame rail installation was a cinch.  This took my Phaeton from a good cruiser to a great one.

Charlie Olson

Hi Randy,  

I wanted you to see the first-rate job of installing your 6-volt pusher radiator fan that my mechanic did. It works just like you said it would and I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks for the good parts.




So. California


Your overdrive book is fantastic!! I've read through it and what a difference it makes to drive with OD when you know how to use it.   Thank you!



Wells, Maine


Many thanks to Randy Rundle for his excellent article on 6 volt electrical systems in the March 15 issue of OCW.

I followed his advice, and changed the ground cable to the motor on my '48 Ford, instead of to the factory installed bolt on the firewall. It has made a significant difference in cranking speed on the old Flathead!

This one tip alone is worth more than the price of a year's subscription to OCW.


Hi Randy,

Here is the write up on your fuel pump in our local Tulsa Early Ford V8 club newsletter by local president Mike Denny.


This month I wanted to share with the club my experiences with an electric fuel pump. I have four of these on my cars, one of which is still 6V.

The sales pitch is that it is a gear pump not a reed type pump, I bought these from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts (

For me this pump has been the most dependable I have used, its small, comes with a fuel filter and bracket, works well as a booster to the stock pump for faster cold starting and costs around $100. At 6 volts it puts out 2.5 psi/ 15 gallons per hour, at 12 Volts it puts out 5.0 psi/ 30 gallons an hour.

Be sure to hook up the electrical connection correctly on 6V positive ground cars! These electric fuel pumps are not affected by the alcohol in modern gasoline. I give them two thumbs up!         

Larry Buller

Hillsboro., Kansas

Hi Randy

It has been 14 years as close as I remember, that I have been using your alternator and Optima Battery in my Ford Model A. It has sat without charging for 2 years, when I moved it this spring I touched the horn button first, it was strong. The battery easily spun the engine a couple of times and it ran as good as ever. I didn't look closely but the amp gauge was leaning heavily towards the positive. The best update investment I ever made.


Eddie Saurenman

Hi Randy,

I just want to thank you for the 6-volt alternator. The installation was easy with the bracket, wire harness and instructions supplied.

Your 6-volt alternator has made my wife's 1941 Ford Deluxe and reliable car for her without going through the 12-volt conversion process. Her car is very original and keeping it that way is important to her. The battery stays charged and lights are bright. The smile that she has when she pushes the start button and her V8 Ford starts purring is priceless!

Again, Thanks so much,

Tom Franko

I ordered and received your Official 12-volt Conversion Guide along with a copy of The Alternator Gazette. This is great info and good reading, easy to understand. I had to let you know that I am Impressed. Thanks again for all of your help.

T. Noller

I bought your Official 12-volt Conversion Guide and love it! I have a '55 Studebaker Commander that I plan to upgrade to 12-volts soon. I really appreciate your "common sense" style of writing and the way you explain things, so even a regular guy like me can understand! Thanks!

Donald P. McKitterick

Markham, Ontario, Canada

I picked up my 53 Pontiac yesterday. The mechanic who installed your alternator conversion kit told me at the outset that the ONLY improvement would be brighter lights. When I picked my car up he told me that the car was charging at idle with lights on and radio going. He was impressed. I told you the reason I made the change was the car was hard starting, it usually would not start after short and long drives when the engine was warm. Yesterday the car started at every stop. Your alternator exceeded my expectations and those of my mechanic.

David S.

Cleveland, Ohio

Just a note to say THANK YOU for explaining how to read the label on modern engine oil containers and why the zinc additive is necessary for older engines. Shortly after I read the tech tip on your website one of our car club members experienced just what you described. 470 miles on a freshly overhauled Flathead Ford engine and his cam was flat. He made the mistake of using modern energy conserving engine oil without the zinc additive. Made me a believer. I am enclosing payment for another case of your zinc additive to protect all of my antique engines.

Kit Foster

Old Cars Q&A columnist.


A testimonial from a satisfied reader. Meant to send this to you earlier - sorry for delay. I appreciate your support in telling folks that brute force is not the best answer to solving electrical woes.

Thanks again

Kit Foster's Original Testimonial

Bill Brown

Dear Randy,

I have a 1955 Hudson Hornet, and I bought a 6-volt alternator and 6-volt electric radiator cooling fan from you. I installed it on my car then took a 300-mile trip from Henderson Nevada to Parowan Utah. I experienced no battery charging issues and no overheating issues whatsoever. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Fifth Avenue Internet Garage Alternator and Bracket Installation

(click image for a larger view)



Cliff Fuselier

Dear Randy,
My 1951 Ford has been changed over to 12 volts with your help. Runs Great! Thanks for all of your help.

Bob Smith

Dear Randy,
Thank you for repairing the alternator I purchased from you. You did not charge me for the repairs even though the problem was clearly my fault. I do not feel it is fair to have you foot the bill for the repairs and the shipping so I have enclosed a check for twenty dollars to cover your shipping costs. Such fair treatment will definitely have me coming back to you for any parts I may need in the future!
I couldn’t be more satisfied

David Gustafson

I received your Ford Flathead alternator bracket; alternator, and DA plug in the mail today. Thanks for the great service. Folks complain about the Postal Service, but 2 days is pretty hard to beat. I installed your parts on my 51 Lincoln Cosmo. It really makes a difference in starting. My car is an original car from the west coast with only 25K actual miles. I really appreciate the work you have done to improve the hobby over the years. Keep up the good work.


New Lenox, Ill.

Hi, this is jolly with the 55 Ford and now that the car shows started I just want to let you know that your 6-volt alternator and the 6-volt Optima battery were the two best things I ever bought for the car. The car starts so nice, what a difference. Now, I have a lot more confidence when I am out there.

James Shepard

I purchased one of your 6V alternators for my 1950 Dodge truck. I am very happy with it. It starts every time (even when cold) without using the choke or throttle. It was very important for me to retain the 6V system when I was restoring the truck. Everything works just as you said it would.

Anthony Sam

New Lenox, Ill.

Dear Randy,
Just a quick note to say, THANK YOU!! Last week I placed an order for two Runtz and a Y-Block Ford alternator bracket for my 1955 Ford Ranch Wagon. I called you right in the middle of what I later learned was one of the worst ice storms the Midwest has seen in decades! Despite the ice storm in progress you politely took my order. You told me that you'd get it out as soon as possible but that it might be a few days. I said that I understood and that you should take care of yourself first and send out orders when things got better!
Imagine my surprise just 4 days later on SUNDAY morning when the mailman knocked on my door with a package from Fifth Avenue! I was completely floored. What was going to be a ho-hum Sunday turned into an enjoyable day of wrenching on my old wagon! You've always provided me with excellent service and advice, that's why I keep coming back, but this brings customer service to a new level! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Tony Abrahall UK.

Hello Randy,
Thank you so much for the prompt service, and I am very impressed with the quality of your products. I wish every one else involved in old car business across the pond, was as professional as you are. Your alternator does just what you said it would and I could not be more pleased.




D. Dubicz

I want to thank you for your prompt service and technical support. It is a credit to your business and your integrity. While the problem was not with your product as I first suspected, you took the time to help me identify and correct the actual problem. I cannot thank you enough.


Dr. Charlie Cain

New Lenox, Ill.

just a brief testimonial. I have installed your 6-volt alternator on two of my old cars, a 1948 Buick and a 1950 Packard. While the universal bracket was somewhat challenging on the Buick, I could not be more pleased with the results. I have bright headlights and (always) a fully charged battery that cranks right up. Feel free to give any prospective customer my name if you wish.

Jon Kisby,

John Kohl Auto Center

Enclosed is the pulley and nut I spoke with you about on Thursday. Dr. Callahan was very pleased to hear how willingly you offered to supply the correct pulley for his application. Dr. Callahan is a valued customer and I appreciate you efforts in helping us to complete this project to his satisfaction.

Mike Morris

Hi Randy,
It's Mike Morris from Columbus New Jersey. I finally figured out what my issue was with my new 6 volt alternator installation. It turns out (2 coils later) that my points weren't sparking. I was really pulling my hair out trying to troubleshoot why I had spark to the coil but nothing to the distributor. Turns out it was the points, cleaned and reset them and I'm good to go. I mean I had the wiring harness stripped back and was laying under the dash running jumper wires etc. and just going nuts... Sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees.
I agree with the other testimonials, This thing is great ! My old truck now starts as good (if not better) as my 1999 Ranger and my confidence level for taking it out for a cruise has risen 110 percent.
Thanks for a great product and thanks for the troubleshooting help.
Next will be that electric fuel pump, so I'll be in touch.

Jeff Hixon

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent 6 volt alternator that I recently installed in my 1951 Willys Overland Wagon. It has made a world of difference-strong starting hot or cold, bright headlights and interior lights, and no apparent problems with 6 volt instrumentation. A fine product. Thank you.

Mike Hill

To whom it may Concern…


I want to relate the positive recent experience with Fifth Ave Internet Garage and the owner, Randy Rundle. It all started when I impulsively purchase a 1940 Ford Convertible body about 18 months ago in truly deplorable condition. Many a prospective buyer of the same body prior to me likely just shook their head and walked away. Not me, I bought it sight unseen (internet)! Ignorance is bliss, at least for a little while.


After a year of intensive research, therapy, part searching, learning and a lot (mostly trial and error) progress was measurable!  A restorable frame, flathead  motor and transmission found their way into my shop. While ordering parts one day, I happen to see a little pamphlet called “The official 12-volt conversion Guide” by Randy Rundle. On a hunch, I ordered it and eventually got around to reading it. It read like a novel and although I didn’t understand all of it, it appeared the author really knew his stuff. He made a pretty convincing argument  for a 12 volt conversion. The decision was made to move forward.


I made a list of all the parts Randy described in his book, ready to return to my computer and begin ordering. Then it hit me, that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me I had no business randomly ordering electrical parts; certainly not with my current level of understanding. So, taking a deep breath I decided to call the number on the little conversion book and ask for guidance.


On the second ring a real person picked up the phone. I couldn’t believe it. Randy Rundle, the author, answered the phone. After a short recovery, my nerves settled to the point I was able to relate what I was trying to do. He informed me he had a web-site and all the parts described in his book were available on the site. He suggested I go to his website and send him a list of what I thought I needed. He said he would review it, make suggestions and send it out right away. He also asked me to call him if I had any questions whatsoever.


Whew. I hung up the phone, my queasiness having subsided and immediately went to Randy’s website. From that point on it was smooth sailing. I ordered what I thought was needed, Randy made a few changes and suggestions, the parts arrived the following week with instructions for each part (in each individual package).


It was like a fun puzzle and truly understandable even for me! Did I still have to call Randy for help. Sure did. The great thing is he always answered his phone, was always clear and concise in answering my questions and best of all, I never once felt “talked down” to. My level of confidence and “40 Ford” excitement moved way up as a direct result of working with Randy. This guy really cares and loves what he does-helping people! Really Randy, thanks so very much. And by the way, that old flathead fired right up and sounded great on the first try!



Can’t thank you enough!



Donald & Virginia Salois

Dear Randy,
In the last three and a half years we have had the joy of restoring our 1940 Oldsmobile. There is an old saying that "if you want something done right, than do it yourself" but in this case we needed your help. For you it may have been a routine day, but for us the HELP, SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, and quality PARTS you provided made it possible for us to realize our dream. We can’t THANK YOU enough for all of your help.

Ron Bernier

I just finished installing your 6-volt alternator that I purchased for my 1937 Plymouth. It works great. Easy starting, charges at all rpms and really bright lights.
I am sure that I'll get a lot of questions from people at the events about this charging system, and I'll be sure to pass your web site info to them. I also write a Tech Tips article for the Frankfort Car Club newsletter and I'll be sure to write an article about my experience with your product. You gave my Plymouth new life.
Thanks a million…


Dear Randy

After restoring our '40 Ford to "original" we came up with a best of show beauty. To our surprise, we found that to drive at night was scary because 6-volt generator just does not cut it. I saw an ad in the Early Ford magazine for a 6 volt alternator built by Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts. I called them to discuss the benefits of an alternator vs. generator and was told I would not believe the difference because the lighting system would perform so much better. I ordered an alternator well remembering all of the things I've bought in the past that didn't quite live up to the sellers claims. However, I had to make our car safer to drive at night and if the Fifth Avenue alternator worked 1/2 as good as claimed, I would be happy.
I got the alternator installed and last night I went for a test drive. Wow, what a difference. I couldn't believe what I saw and considering what I couldn't see with the original system, I'm absolutely a Fifth Avenue fan. I had a few questions while installing the alternator and the headlight relay so I called Fifth Avenue for help. I've spent most of my life as a customer service manager and after seeing what most companies now pass off as "good" service Randy at Fifth Avenue was really super. He is polite and patient and when he says he will call back, he does.
Great product along with great service makes for happy customers.
Thanks to Randy at Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts!

Glenn & Ginny Dunham

Dear Randy,

As I promised you, please find attached a picture of your 6-volt fan mounted on my car. I’ve made quite a few trips since the installation and the fan did excellent work, no overheating anymore.
Thanks a lot again, and I wish you all the best.

Kind regards from Belgium,

6 volt fan 6 volt fan


Here are some recent photos of my 1935 Citroen CV Traction Avant 4-door sedan…including under the lid. Your 6-volt alternator arrived this week as promised. We are pondering things over in the shop this weekend. Should have it up and running with it very soon. Thanks for all of your help!

Jack Melvin
Lenexa, Kansas

1935 Citroen CV Traction Avant 4-door sedan 1935 Citroen CV Traction Avant 4-door sedan

J. Ed McGraw

Dear Randy,
The 12-volt conversion booklet is one of the best-written tech data books I have ever read. Nicely done.

I feel educated enough now to know I am going to stick with the original 6-volt system in my 1951 Mercury CM V8 but ...I will change it from a Gen to your 6-volt alternator. Thanks again. I enjoyed dealing with your company.


Dear Randy,
Last year (2007) we did the Peking-to-Paris motor challenge with our 1950 6-cyl. Plymouth, equipped with your famous 6V alternator. During more than 10.000 very hard miles through the Gobi desert and Siberia/Russia we had no problems with your equipment - thank you!
For the next long distance rally we plan to restore a 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan that we want to convert to 12V. We will be contacting you for the 12-volt conversion parts we need.
Best greetings from Switzerland

John Bilka

Sparks, Nevada

The new alternator came this morning. You have to love the Post Office - 2 days from you to me, UPS takes 7 days! Anyway, put it in, hooked up the new DA plug, turned the key AND bright headlights!!!! This is awesome! Thanks!!! John

Mats Karlson


Dear Randy,
I got the OD cable some days ago, just wanted to say thanks. It looks good and it was a nice total price including the shipping. Now I got everything to do a complete installation.

Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy's 6-volt alternators are well known throughout the world for their bullet-proof reliability. With well over 5000 of his alternators still in daily service, his remains the only true "built from scratch" 6-volt alternator on the market.