When you're ready to order:


Pick Up The Telephone and Call  


The best way to place an order is to a call at 785-632-3450 during the hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday Central time. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. Chances are, Randy will answer the phone, he will take your order, answer any questions you have, and offer a few tech tips to make your project go a little smoother.


In this day and age, talking to a real person is rare. Talking to a person who knows how to install and troubleshoot the parts they sell is even more rare. Talking to the guy, who actually designed and invented the part in the first place, is priceless! It happens here everyday. Come see for yourself.

Ordering From Fifth Avenue Internet Garage 

Print the Order Form (CLICK HERE)

You can also print off the order form fill it out and mail it to us. Please print clearly like you are writing a letter to your mother. Our mailing address is:


Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts

415 Court Street

Clay Center, KS 67432.


If we have any questions about your order, will call you. If you have any questions about you order you are welcome to call us at 785-632-3450 or email us at



 Ordering From Fifth Avenue Internet Garage

Print Fifth Avenue Internet Garage Order Form


There are times…


When Randy will be out of the office and on the road, such as during the Hemmings Great Race (Randy still prepares about a dozen cars each year for the race) but he will check emails and telephone messages, multiple times during the day.


If you need to reach him you can send him an email at fifthavegarage@gmail.com. He will get back to you as soon as he can. You can also leave a message on the answering machine. He is very good about returning calls.


Just know… as many people have discovered, it is worth the wait.

 Away From The Store


Randy goes on the road to visit with customers in person and get ideas for new products.


How we ship…


We ship most orders via Priority Mail thru the United States Post Office. We take advantage of the flat rate priority mail shipping boxes and we pass that savings on to you.


If you live out of the United States the flat rate priority mail international shipping boxes will also save you money, and your order is shipped by airmail. Using the United States Post office is also the fastest and least expensive way to get your order thru customs. We currently ship to twenty-one foreign countries outside of the United States.


Just so you know…


The install instructions to most all of the products we offer for sale can be found in a link just below the description of the part. We do that for your benefit… if you want to know how difficult a part is to install before you order it, you can read the instructions beforehand and know exactly what you are getting into.




In case you loose the instructions that came with the part you ordered (hey it happens) you can simply look up the part in the PARTS section the website, click on the link below the part description and print off another set of install instructions. We have customers do that most every day.




Runtz Voltage Drops

$18.00 each

Part #95415G


For dash gauges—one required per electrical gauge.


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE




How come no online ordering…?


The answer is simple, it’s because, we are in the antique auto parts business NOT the computer business.


We would rather spend our time in the shop designing and building new products, instead of sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out ways to keep your credit card information from being stolen.


More important it is about personal service. If you grew up before computers you can remember when you knew the name of the person selling you parts. You could call up, place an order over the phone, ask questions, get straight answers, and be on your way. We are one of the few companies who still do it that way.


You will also notice we do not have any automated phone menus here. When you call 785-632-3450 that is the direct number to place an order, get a tech question answered and to get help with installing a part. It has been like that for the past twenty-five years and we intend to keep it that way well into the future.


We also don’t assign you a customer number, we don’t send you junk emails, we don’t sell your name to any outside advertising company, and we don’t add your name to any mailing list that fills up your mailbox with junk mail.

 Not in the computer business.
Our areas of expertise do not include computers...


Testing parts at Fifth Avenue Internet Garage


Testing new parts always draws a crowd of “local experts to witness the event.



We protect your credit card information by running it thru the paper shredder...

We do tear off the bottom part of your invoice (the part that has your credit card info) and run it thru a paper shredder after we have processed your order, before it goes to the shipping department. That is why your invoice looks funny on the bottom. The part that is missing had all of your credit card information. We do that to protect your credit card info. That is also why you will have to give us your credit card information each time you order.


Returned Goods


Please download and fill out the following form if you need to return items: RETURNED GOODS FORM

Credit Cards Accepted

Fifth Avenue Facts

Since 1987, Fifth Avenue owner, Randy Rundle, has been making antique, classic and special interest vehicles more reliable and fun to drive.