Great Race 2015

Fifth Avenue Sponsored 1916 Hudson Wins 2015 Great Race, Sharp Racing Team Collects $50,000 in Prize Money.
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Fifth Avenue Does
It Again!

The 2015 Great Race started on June 20th in Kirkwood, Missouri (St. Louis) and traveled down old route 66 highway arriving nine days later at the pier in Santa Monica, California. Along the way the teams encountered drenching rains in Missouri, blustery winds in Oklahoma and blistering heat in Arizona. The 1916 Hudson the Sharp team drove is an open cockpit race car so they got to experience the weather firsthand which makes their win even more amazing!


Fifth Avenue owner Randy Rundle went to Oklahoma to meet the teams at their overnight stop. Besides sponsoring the Sharp Team Rundle helps to prepare about a dozen of the cars every year for other teams. “ I enjoy spending some one on one time with customers, and I take a little of Clay Center, Kansas with me when I go to meet the teams. All of the teams know I am from a small town in Kansas, and Clay Center gets some much deserved recognition during the Great Race. And for Fifth Avenue …when your teams wins the race and collects the $50,000 in prize money … that is proof that you did your job well. That makes the rest of the world sit up and takes notice!"


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Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy designed and built the first 6-volt alternator in 1987. Up to that point there was no such thing as a 6-volt alternator, only modern 12-volt alternators were available.