Radiator Cooling Fans


Available for both 6- and 12-volt applications. The 14” “Pusher” style is designed to mount on the front side of the radiator behind the grill and push air thru the radiator. A 14” “Puller” style fan mounts on the engine side of the radiator and pulls air thru the radiator.

  • 14" outside diameter.
  • Depth at Motor - 3.5"
  • Depth of Shroud - 1.5"

Cooling fan kits come complete with wiring, switches, and all mounting hardware. Please specify the style you need for your application.


$175.00 each

6-volt Part #93415CF6


12-volt Part #93415CF12


Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Polished Stainless Steel Coolant Recovery Tank


Prevent engine coolant loss and outside air from entering your cooling system. -- Tank holds 20 oz of coolant. -- 2 inch diameter. 15 inches tall -- Polished stainless screw on cap -- Mounting bracket and hardware included.


Installing a radiator overflow tank will provide you with two very important benefits. Most important is the protection from the loss of engine coolant. The second benefit is the prevention of outside air being drawn into the cooling system. When outside air is drawn into the cooling system as the engine cools… it will create steam pockets inside of the engine the next time the engine is warmed up to operating temperature. A steam pocket can restrict coolant flow.


$60.00 each

Part #12415

The Official Guide To Cooling Systems

$15.00 each


Learn the secrets of how a cooling system works so you can solve your own cooling system problems. Like most anything else, if you know and understand the rules of the game it makes the job much easier. If you own a Flathead Ford this book is a must have. 8.5 x 11 - 36 pages.

Evans Coolant

This is a waterless coolant (no more rust, scale and corrosion in the cooling system) that has a boiling point of 370 degrees and a freeze point of minus 80 degrees with zero pressure in the cooling system.


It works great in all types of cooling system applications including non-pressurized cooling systems. It is a lifetime coolant. We have used it in the cars we prepare for the Great Race since 1989. It is expensive initially, but it works! Call 785-632-3450 if you have further questions. You can also read about the Evans Coolant in the Garage Tech blog.


PT# 07415EVC1 -    $52.00 Gallon
Part# 07415EVC6 -  $185.00 (Case of 4 gallons)

Shipped Via UPS Actual Shipping costs apply.


Thermocure Coolant/ Rust Remover/ Flush

If your antique vehicle is having overheating problems your first job is to remove the cap from the radiator (engine cold), and look down inside the radiator. If what you see is rust, scale, and hard water deposits (which is quite common in a fifty plus year old cooling system), it is time for a good clean out. Thermocure is just what you need. It is non-toxic and will definitely do the job. For more details read the Termocure article at Garage Tech.


One 32 oz bottle will clean cooling systems up to three gallons in capacity. If your cooling system is larger, or extremely dirty order two bottles.


PT# 17415THER -  $23.00 Each 

Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

Evans Prep Fluid

This hygroscopic fluid absorbs any residual water and removes any loose dirt, rust and scale. Fill the system with Evans Prep Fluid and run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached. Allow to cool then drain. Remember for best results you need less than three percent water remaining in the cooling system before you add the Evans High Performance lifetime coolant. Evans Prep Fluid can be reused for multiple applications.


$36.00 per gallon

Part #015415EPF


Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy designed and built the first 6-volt alternator in 1987. Up to that point there was no such thing as a 6-volt alternator, only modern 12-volt alternators were available.