Radiator Cooling Problems

To Determine the cause of overheating in a car, check the radiator hoses while the engine is warm. If the upper radiator hose is warm and equal in temperature to the bottom hose, the problem is in the radiator. If the upper radiator hose is cool while the lower hose is hot, the problem is in the engine block.


Radiator Cooling FanElectric Radiator Cooling Fans, can be a big help in solving overheating problems. Electric radiator cooling fans work best at idle and low radiator cooling fan speeds to increase airflow through the radiator core. It is best to mount the fan in the upper third of the radiator as close to the top of the radiator as possible, because that is where the warm coolant enters the radiator. A 14” an works best for most vertical radiator applications including Flathead Fords.

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