Distributor Ground

During cold weather it is not uncommon for the older style of distributors with the grease cups to loose their ground. This is caused by the grease becoming thick in the bottom of the distributor and inslutating the ground to the distributor.


The solution is to connect a 16 gauge wire from the engine block over to the distributor housing, allowing for distributor movement. This will insure that your distributor is grounded at all times. Once jump started early in the morning your car seemed to start fine the rest of the day, now you know why.

Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy has sponsored teams for The Great Race-- a national vintage car rally race for street legal vintage cars. Beginning June 24th and ending 14 days later on July 8th, it will run approximately 4,100 miles across the United States, beginning in Philadelphia, Pa., and ending in San Rafael, Calif.