Battery Tech Tip

Battery TipsVaseline also known as petroleum jelly works well to keep battery posts free of corrosion. After you have cleaned the posts and the cable ends using a battery terminal cleaner tool, reinstall the cables. Next put a light coating of Vaseline on top and around the Optima Batterycable clamps. The Vaseline will keep the terminals free of corrosion insuring a positive start every time. Better yet you can upgrade to a sealed type battery like the Optima Brand of Batteries. There will be no water to add and no posts to clean. Sealed batteries also eliminate the chances of spilling acid, and damaging the paint.

Dielectric Grease Caution

DO NOT use dielectric electrical grease to keep battery posts free of corrosion, as dielectric grease is an insulator and has a low melting point. When dielectric grease melts (caused by the heat generated as the current passes thru the posts) it changes into a liquid form and runs down between the battery post and the cable clamp. All will be well until you shut off the engine and everything cools down.


When you go back to restart your car the battery will appear to be dead. In reality the current from the battery is not being allowed to pass thru to the battery cables. To correct the problem remove and clean both the cable ends and the battery posts with emery paper or a battery terminal cleaner tool and reinstall. That should restore your battery connection.

Fifth Avenue Facts

Randy sent the director of the film "Lolita" two 6-volt alternators and saved him from being late--they finished filming early!