Flathead Ford Cylinder Heads

Flathead Ford cylinder heads can be difficult to remove from the engine, especially if they haven't been off the engine for 20 years. One way to remove them is loosen all of the head bolts, then squirt all of the headbolts with WD-40 or simular lubricant. Finally crank the engine over, the compression from the engine will usually seperate the heads from the block.

Fifth Avenue Facts

Even when cars were new back in the 1940’s and 1950’s the vacuum wipers always needed a little help. Because many people smoked during those days, pouch tobacco (like the Bull Durham Brand) was common. During those days it was common practice to rub the tobacco pouch across the outside of the windshield. The "juice" in the tobacco acted as a lubricant that made the job the vacuum powered windshield motor had to do a little easier. The "juice" also made it easier to get the bugs off of the windshield. This is the job that products like "Rain-X" do today.