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 Optima Batteries and "Related"

Click Here to Learn More About Optima Batteries…

6-Volt Optima Battery
optima 6 batteryIs the ultimate 6-volt battery. 950 cranking amps. Sealed battery with no posts to clean. Can be used in any position. Two-year free replacement warranty five to seven year service life. No Hazmat shipping label required. Shipping weight 22 pounds. (You pay actual shipping costs only) We have been an Optima Dealer since 1989 and would not use anything else.
6-volt Optima Battery
10" x 3-9/16" x 7-13/16"
(Length – Width – Height)
Shipping Weight 22lbs

Optima 6-Volt Battery-
$160.00 each plus shipping

12-Volt Optima Dual Post Battery
optima 12 batteryIs the ultimate 12-volt battery. 950 cranking amps. Dual posts allow 12-volt accessories to be powered direct from the battery without interference to the battery cables. Sealed battery with no posts to clean. Can be used in any position, Two-year free replacement warranty five to seven year service life. No Hazmat shipping label required. Shipping weight 44 pounds. (You pay actual shipping costs only) We have been an Optima Dealer since 1989 and would not use anything else.

12-volt Dual Post Optima Battery
9-5/16" x 6-13/16" x 7-5/8"
(Length – Width – Height)
Shipping weight 36lbs

Optima 12-Volt Dual Post Battery $185.00 each plus shipping

Series vs. Parallel battery connections explained here...

Battery Master Switch
Battery master switchThis battery master switch allows you to disconnect the battery from the electrical system by simply turning the black knob "half a turn". Works especially well for vehicles in storage. Eliminates worry of fire caused from a short in a wiring harness.  Knob can be removed completely to help prevent vehicle theft.   
Part # 10415BS  
$10.00 each

Battery Tender Plus
battery tenderThe Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damage to the vehicle electrical system. A must have for any vehicle in storage. Comes with ten-year manufacturers warranty. We have used these since 1988.
Part # 04415BT6- 6-volt
$59.00 each

Part # 04415BT12- 12-volt
$59.00 each

HD Power Block  
This HD Power Block has six individual separate ci
rcuits available. Each circuit has a 30 amp max rating. The Power Block has a 65- amp total max rating. The red battery cable is (22”) in length. This Power Block works well when adding a modern stereo, Ipod, GPS, or cell phone charging power source to an antique vehicle’s electrical system. By connecting this power block directly to the battery your accessories will be protected from voltage spikes and power surges. 

This is the proper way to power and protect modern solid-state accessories. Quality brass terminals, 65-amp total capacity, with 30-amp max per circuit. Uses ATO/ATC fuses. -- Comes with 22" long 8-gauge battery input wire, and dust/moisture cover.
View Installation Instructions

Part Number 13415FPB, $46.00 each 

Remote Battery Stud
This remote battery stud will allow you to establish a remote battery or ground connection at almost any location. When adding multiple accessories and especially any solid-state accessories it is good idea to ground those accessories direct to the battery. Because most antique vehicles are more than forty years old, the accumulation of dirt, oil, grease, and rust makes it difficult to establish a good ground thru the body or frame.  This Remote Battery Stud is rated at 200 amps.

View Installation Instructions.

Part # 03415RBSR – Red,  $22.00 each

Part # 03415RBSB - Black,  $22.00 each


 Electric Fuel Pumps

Electric Fuel Pump
fuel pumpAvailable for both 6 and 12 volt applications. They are gear driven and will pump alcohol and all fuel additives. These fuel pumps overcome vapor lock by increasing the volume of fuel delivered while still maintaining the stock fuel pump pressure. Great Race tested.
Part # 92415EFP6- 6-volt
$95.00 each

Part # 92415EFP12- 12-volt
$95.00 each

Installation Instructions

small arrow6/12 volt electric fuel pumps, comes complete w/30 micron fuel filter, mounting hardware and instructions.

Replacement 30 Micron Fuel FilterReplacement fuel filter
This is the replacement 30 micron fuel filter for the 92415EFP6/12 fuel pump described above.  It prevents dirt, rust and refinery sediment from getting into the electric fuel pump. Also works well with any low pressure fuel system application.  Great Race proven.  Designed for 5/16 inch fuel line installations.
Part #07415RFF-
$7.00 each

30 Micron See Thru Fuel Filter
Developed for the Great Race this “see thru” see through fuel pumpfuel filter is designed to be installed at the carburetor so any contaminants can be easily seen. Filter can be cleaned and replaced easily without tools. Extra filters and hardware also included.
Part # 92502STF-
$34.00 each

Installation Instructions

Fuel Pressure Regulator
fuel pressure regulatorThis pressure regulator is set at the factory for 2.7 pounds. It has an infinite adjustment range between 1 and 4 pounds, and is ideal for multiple carburetor(s) and early model vintage car applications.  Highly accurate and proven reliable in Great Race applications.
Part # 07415FPR-
$60.00 each
Installation Instructions

Fuel Pressure Gauge
fuel pressure gaugeDesigned to be used along with our fuel pressure regulator listed above. Great for multiple carburetor(s) and early model vintage car applications. Eliminates the guesswork when setting up your fuel system, and helps identify fuel delivery problems. Highly accurate and proven reliable in Great Race applications.
Part # 07415FPG-
$30.00 each
Installation Instructions

Tank Sealer

Fuel Tank Liner
tank sealerThis is hands down the best gas tank sealer you can buy. Unlike the others, Line-A-Tank has been alcohol resistant since it was first introduced in June of 1961. We have used and sold this product since 1985 and it works!
One quart seals up to a 20-gallon tank.

PART # 05415GTS-
$45.00 per Quart

Installation Instructions


Fuel Tester                                        


Now You Can Check The Percentage Of Alcohol In The Fuel You Buy In Ten Minutes Or Less!


Alcohol In Gasoline – Short Term Effects

As antique vehicle owners we experience first-hand the problems associated with the modern alcohol fuels. Vapor lock, stalling, poor acceleration, and hard starting (caused by the fuel evaporating in the fuel line before the mechanical fuel pump), are all symptoms we are familiar with. The alcohol is also an aggressive solvent that will loosen varnish and gum deposits in the gas tank and fuel system. That will in turn plug fuel filters, and affect the operation of the idle jet, needle and seat, and float in the carburetor.


Alcohol In Gasoline – Long Term Effects

When antique vehicles are placed in long-term storage (6 months or more) the alcohol in the gasoline will draw moisture (up to a gallon a year) from humidity and temperature changes, and thru places like the vented fuel cap. In as little as sixty days the alcohol will begin to separate from the gasoline and the newly formed mixture of alcohol and water will settle in the bottom of the fuel tank where it begins to loosen the rust and corrosion on the inside of the tank. The mixture will also attack welded seams and any thin places in the tank (corners) eventually causing the tank to begin leaking fuel. (The alcohol can also damage rubber fuel lines.)


If the pickup tube of your gas tank is in the bottom of the tank as most antique vehicles are, you will get the alcohol and water mixture instead of the gasoline when you try and start your car after it has been in long -term storage. Testing the gasoline yourself is the only way you will know for sure, the

percentage of alcohol in your gasoline.


For more information on alcohol gasoline and its affects Click and view the following links:
  Fuel Additive Ingredients

  Refining Modern Gasoline


Alcohol Fuel Test Kit PT # 12415ATK $20.00 each

View Fuel Test Kit Instructions 


BG Supercharger II   

BG Supercharger II prevents rust and corrosion and provides long-term storage stability. It protects against the harmful effects of ethanol. Non-injurious to all types of materials used in fuel systems. Guaranteed to protect for a full year. One bottle treats 15 gallons.

Part # 12415BGS $12.00 Bottle.

Zinc Replacement Additive  

Redline Engine OilIn 2004 the zinc additive that has been in motor oil since the 1930's quietly disappeared. (Click here to learn why) Engines built with a flat tappet valve train need the zinc additive to prevent excessive internal engine wear. Now you can add it back. See chart in installation instructions.

Part # 10415ZA
$16.00 per Bottle (16 oz.)
(USA Made)

Case of 12 cans-

Installation Instructions    

 Radiator Cooling Fans

electic rad cooling fancooling fanAvailable for both 6- and 12-volt applications. The 14” “Pusher” style is designed to mount on the front side of the radiator behind the grill and push air thru the radiator. A 14” “Puller” style fan mounts on the engine side of the radiator and pulls air thru the radiator. 14" outside diameter.
Depth at Motor - 3.5"
Depth of Shroud - 1.5"

Cooling fan kits come complete with wiring, switches, and all mounting hardware. Please specify the style you need for your application.
Part #93415CF6-6-volt-
$175.00 each

Part #93415CF12-12-volt-
$175.00 each

Installation Instructions

ished Stainless Steel Coolant Recovery Tank

Prevent engine coolant loss and outside air from entering your cooling system. -- Tank holds 20 oz of coolant. -- 2 inch diameter. 15 inches tall -- Polished stainless screw on cap -- Mounting bracket and hardware included.

Part  # 12415
CRT  $54.00 each


Installation Instructions (PDF)
Installing a radiator overflow tank will provide you with two very important benefits. Most important is the protection from the loss of engine coolant. The second benefit is the prevention of outside air being drawn into the cooling system. When outside air is drawn into the cooling system as the engine cools… it will create steam pockets inside of the engine the next time the engine is warmed up to operating temperature. A steam pocket can restrict coolant flow

cooling system guide bookThe Official Guide To Cooling Systems
Learn the secrets of how a cooling system works so you can solve your own cooling system problems. Like most anything else, if you know and understand the rules of the game it makes the job much easier. If you own a Flathead Ford this book is a must have.
8.5 x 11 36 pages 
$15.00 each

Evans NPG+ Coolant 
Evans NPG+ CoolantThis is a waterless coolant (no more rust, scale and corrosion in the cooling system) and has a boiling point of 370 degrees and a freeze point of minus 80 degrees with zero pressure in the radiator. That means no more coolant loss from boiling coolant. Evans NPG+ works in all types of cooling systems. It is a lifetime coolant. I have used it in the cars I prepare for the Great Race since 1989. It is expensive but it works! Call 785-632-3450 if you have questions.

Part # 07415EVC1-
$40.00 per Gallon

Part # 07415EVC6-
$150 per case of 4
(Actual UPS Shipping Cost Apply)

 Borg-Warner Overdrive Parts

New Reproduction Borg Warner Overdrive Solenoids
OD SolenoidWe now have available brand new exact reproductions of the original Borg Warner overdrive solenoids. These are available for both 6-volt and 12-volt applications. This is the same solenoid used by all twenty two of the car companies that offered the Borg Warner electric overdrive as an option from 1940 thru 1973. No core is required. These will fit standard Borg Warner overdrive applications… those with a shaft length of one inch measured from the tip of the shaft to the edge of the alignment flange. (lay your ruler on top of the shaft and measure from the ball end to the edge of the casting.) All standard overdrive-solenoids will measure one inch. Station Wagons and convertibles will measure 1.5 inches and a few odd applications will measure 1.25 inches or longer. This solenoid fits the STANDARD one inch applications only. Please check you shaft length before ordering.
6-volt Solenoid    
Part # 08415 ODSL6-
$265.00 each

12-volt Solenoid  
Part # 08415ODSL12-
$265.00 each
Installation Instructions

Kickdown Switch kicksdown
This is an exact replacement for the original Borg-Warner overdrive kickdown switch that is located under the gas pedal. This HD switch will work with both 6-volt and 12-volt applications.
Part # 05415KDS-
$46.00 each

Installation Instructions

New Reproduction Borg Warner Overdrive Relay
relay mountNow available an exact reproduction of the original Borg Warner overdrive relay.  This is an exact reproduction of the overdrive relay used by all eleven of the car companies that offered the Borg Warner electric overdrive as an option from the late 1930 thru the early 1960’s.. Complete wiring instructions included.

relay toprelay bottom

6-Volt Relay
Part # 08415ODR6-
$126.00 each

12-Volt Relay
Part # 08415ODR12-
$126.00 each

Installation Instructions

Replacement “Overdrive” Manual Dash Control Cable
Overdrive Manual Dash control cableWe now have available replacement overdrive manual control cable assemblies complete with the correct chrome handle and hardware. These are an exact reproduction of the overdrive cable assemblies used by all eleven of the car companies that offered the Borg-Warner overdrive transmission as an option. Overall length of the cable and housing is seventy-six inches as measured from the shoulder of the threaded fitting to the end of the cable housing. There is an additional four inches of cable that extends past the housing for a total overall length of eighty inches. These are a cut to fit cable with a crimping tool included just like the originals.
Part # 09415ODC-
$60.00 each

Installation Instructions

Overdrive Solenoid Oil SealOverdrive Solenoid Oil Seal
This seal goes into the overdrive transmission housing where the solenoid mounts to the transmission (and the solenoid shaft passes thru the transmission housing) and connects to the shift pawl. If this oil seal becomes damaged from age or rough removal of the solenoid, transmission oil from the transmission will leak into the overdrive solenoid housing, causing the solenoid to fail. This seal should be checked for damage every time the solenoid is removed for service and replaced if damaged.

Part # 074150S-
$7.00 each

Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmission Gear Oil

OD transmission oilThis is the proper mineral based gear oil for use in all of the Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmissions built from 1940 on. Do not use “Hypoid” gear oil, any oil with an API rating of GL-2 or higher. Also do not use combination hydraulic/transmission tractor oil or any EP rated oils.  Do not use any synthetic gear oils. Use only API rated GL-1 oil. The sulfur and related additives in modern lubricants will destroy the bronze parts inside of the Borg-Warner overdrive. Most all Borg-Warner manual overdrive transmissions require four pints of lubricant.
Part #09415GL - 1
$23.00 gallon

Overdrive manualBorg-Warner Guide Book
-Revised January 2010-
This 40 page 8.5 x 11 illustrated guide explains everything you need to know about operating and troubleshooting the Borg-Warner "R" series overdrive transmission. If your car is equipped with a Borg-Warner overdrive transmission this is a must have book. Includes factory service information, interchange guide and illustrated wiring diagrams.
$15.00 each

Mr. Haney
Click here to visit Mr. Haney and his rare deals on our more experienced merchandise...


tag image

"Tag Toppers"
were a popular form of advertising during the 1920's thru the 1950's with the originals highly collectable. Fifth Avenue is proud to reintroduce authentic "Tag Toppers" once again. These are designed by us and manufactured by one of the original companies established in the 1940's. The colors are Bright Yellow, Bright Red, Black, and White on a Kelly Green Background. We will also help you design "Tag Toppers" for you car club or business, give us a call.
Fifth Avenue Tag Toppers-
$20.00 each.

Please specify "upper or downer" style on order form.
Tag Toppers are free with all orders over $400.00.

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