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Since 1987, Fifth Avenue owner, Randy Rundle, has been making antique, classic and special interest vehicles more reliable and fun to drive.


We have provided services for the cars entered in the Great Race; we have done it for the movie studios, and we have even done it for the Queen of England.


So please, consider this your personal invitation to tour our Internet Garage. Feel free to wander around, peek in all of the corners, and spend some time reading about some of our past adventures. We will provide you with the same personal service that we provide to all of our customers.

25th Anniversary Publication

Remote Battery Stud

This remote battery stud will allow you to establish a remote battery or ground  connection at almost any location. When adding multiple accessories and especially any solid-state accessories it is good idea to ground those accessories direct to the battery. Because most antique vehicles are more than forty years old, the accumulation of dirt, oil, grease, and rust makes it difficult to establish a good ground thru the body or frame.  This Remote Battery Stud is rated at 200 amps.     


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The Official Guide To Modern Gasoline and Oil for Antique VehiclesNEW! The Official Guide To Modern Gasoline & Oil for Antique Vehicles

Randy has been preparing antique vehicles for what is now the Hemmings Great Race since 1989. In this 60 - page book Randy explains how the changes to modern gasoline and engine oil have affected antique vehicles, and what you need to do to protect your antique vehicle from these changes. A must have book for all antique vehicle owners.


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Peking to Paris 2010

Sastified Customers Respond!

Lloyd Dahman of Chestnut Hill, Mass., entered the 2010 Peking to Paris Race with his 49 Cadillac. Lloyd explains…. "I sought Randy out based on his reputation for knowing how to prepare antique cars for a rally like this. The word among the antique car rally people is that Randy knows what he is doing and the specialty parts he builds for these cars will exceed your expectations. I researched Randy and his company further and found out he was successful in the 2007 Peking to Paris Race…I knew I had found my man."



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HD Power Pack

HD Power Block

This HD Power Block has six individual separate circuits available. Each circuit has a 30 amp max rating. The Power Block has a 65- amp total max rating. The red battery cable is (22”) in length. This Power Block works well when adding a modern stereo, Ipod, GPS, or cell phone charging power source to an antique vehicle’s electrical system. By connecting this power block directly to the battery your accessories will be protected from voltage spikes and power surges.    


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Howard and Doug Sharp Win 2011 Great Race Driving a 1911 Velie!

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE. The 2011 Hemmings Motor News Great Race was a big success, with over 70 vintage cars entered, with some of the best rally racers in the United States! The Grand Champion award is the most prestigious in the rallying realm, and this year, it was awarded to Howard and Douglas Sharp driving a 1911 Velie Racetype. That’s right, the 100 year old car sponsored by Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts won the Great Race! The Sharps have been rallying for over 25 years and Fifth Avenue has been sponsoring Howard and his car since 1990. It is one thing to say you can make an antique car reliable …it's another to actually go and do it.

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